The New Product Promotion Conference of SLon X-ray Sorting was Held in Nanchang
Dec, 16. 2020 1455

    On September 19, 2020, Jiangxi Tungsten Holding Group Company Limited held the new product promotion conference in Nanchang, announcing to the society for the first time that SLon X-ray Sorting was successfully developed and put into use. A lot of insiders attended the conference. Professor QiuGuanzhou, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a famous mineral engineering expert in China, delivered a congratulatory speech, in which he spoke highly of the great significance of the research on SLon X-ray Sorting for improving the development and utilization efficiency of mineral resources. And then ZhouShaobing, the party secretary and chairman of Jiangxi Tungsten Holding Group Company Limited, made a warm speech, expressing sincere thanks to the industrial experts, leaders and all sectors of the society for their care and support.

     The new generation of intelligent mineral separator is jointly designed by Jinhuan Magnetic Separator Ltd. and Ganzhou Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy. The device integrating mechanization, automation and intelligence, changes the traditional manual separation. Through the X-ray and automatic system, the machine realizes the separation of useful mineral ores and waste rocks with the granularity of 10-100 mm. Its largest capacity reaches 160 tons/hour.

     At present, the equipment has completed practical tests in several mines such as DaJishan tungsten plant, Piaotang Tungsten plant, Dangping Tungsten plant, TieShanlong tungsten plant, and Pangushan tungsten plant, which has officially entered the stage of installation and commissioning. Meanwhile, it has been applied in more than 10 ore types. After adapting SLon X-ray Sorting, the recovery rate of one large plant in Jiangxi, whose annual output is about 800,000, is over 97%, and the cost of rough beneficiation is reduced by 30.04%.

The application of the new generation of intelligent mineral separation, ends up the age of manual separation lasting for nearly a century. The workers are free from the intensive and harsh working environment with mechanized and intelligent tools. Besides, the pre-treatment of raw materials improve both labor productivity and recovery rate, which greatly reduce the cost, and promote enterprises’ economic and social benefits.