SLon Tech for Cobalt Ores in Zambia
Aug, 13. 2022|573 View

Cobalt is normally known as Cobalt-Blue, one kind of oil color for art painting. But it is also widely used in the industries like aviation, electrical appliances, mechanical manufacturing, hard alloy, magnetic materials, chemistry and ceramics because of its high-temperature-resistance, corrosion-resistance and ferromagnetism. It is very important strategic metals in the world.  

Cobalt Ores is very rich in Zambia. One company from there who owns 2.8% Co and 0.64% Cu raw Cobalt ores contact SLon and wants our processing technologies to help them improve their grade of Cobalt.

After roughed by 0.7 Tesla SLon magnetic separator and scavenged by 0.9 Tesla SLon magnetic separator, Cobalt concentrates can reach as high as 6.36% good quality with 35.9% products and 82.99% recovery. Very Amazing Performance!

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