Feldspar Purification Project in Laian County
Nov, 06. 2020|1420 View

Project Name:Feldspar Purification Project in Laian County

Location: Anhui,China
Main Equipment:SLon WHIMS

Processing Technology:Grinding+screening+magnetic separation

    As is well known, feldspar is the main raw material of ceramics and glass. Laian county in Anhui province is rich in feldspar. However, its content of Fe2O3 is high, which will greatly lower the quality of finished products. In the past, due to the backward processing methods, people directly mined high-grade minerals by the means of screening and sold them as inferior materials. The remaining parts were discharged into the local reservoirs, which results in useful metal draining, simultaneously brings the enormous harm to the environment. 

    In 1998, Wandong Feldspar Co., Ltd. was established in Laian County, specializing in the concentration of feldspar with an annual output of 30,000 tons. Its raw materials were original waste rocks. In view of the mineral characteristics, Wandong Feldspar Co., Ltd. adapted our scheme and purchased SLON-1250 Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator(WHIMS). The ore dressing process was as follows: Firstly, the feeding material need to be ground to -0.8mm through a closed-circuit grinding system constituent of a rod mill and high-frequency vibrating screen. And then, the drum medium intensity separator separates the strong mags from the metal mix. Finally, the processed materials pass through the SLON-1250 WHIMS to remove the weak mags. The whole technical processing was a complete success. The content of Fe2O3 is reduced from 1.48% to 0.26%, which meets the standard of 0.3% for glass and ceramics.

    This is the first time when SLON-1250 WHIMS has been applied to nonmetallic purification. Its first appearance is impressing. Since then, there are more and more plants adapting our machines. The successful application of SLon WHIMS has made a great contribution to the utilization of feldspar resources in China, which also marks that feldspar beneficiation transforms from extensive pattern to intensive pattern. 


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