Product Description:

SLon centrifuge produces a strong centrifugal force when rotating at high speed, so that the fine minerals can be recovered more effectively.The emergence of the centrifuge successfully solves the problem of the full recovery of the fine minerals. Therefore, it is widely used to recover the mineral mud such as tungsten, tin and iron.

Product Features
  • The beneficiating is stable and reliable;
  • No chemicals;
  • Low water and power consumption;
  • Automatic control;
  • Compact installation.
Product Details
How does it work?

The slurry is fed to the inner surface of the drum by the feeding device and rotates with the drum driven by the centrifuge drum. In a very short period of time, the large density ore particle group centrifuge settled to the inner surface of the centrifuge drum, and the compacted thin layer of particles rotated with the drum. Small specific gravity ore group cannot reach the bottom of the flow film due to pulsating diffusion of the flow film, and it is discharged along the drum slope along with the liquid phase into small specific gravity products (tailings) which are discharged into the tailings receiving trough through the ore discharging device. When ore feeding is suspended, the concentrate flushing device flushes and discharges the heavier product (concentrate) into the ore discharging device and into the concentrate receiving slot.

Technical Parameters
Parameters SL-400(Ⅰ) SL-400(Ⅱ) SL-800 SL-1600 SL-2400 SL-2800
Drum diameter /mm Φ400 Φ400 Φ800 Φ1600 Φ2400 Φ2800
Drum speed /rpm 420~840 420~840 340~680 120~240 110~240 100~200
Feed size /mm(-74μm%) -0.074 -0.074 -0.074 -0.074 -0.074 -0.074
-90% -90% -90% -90% -90% -90%
Feed density /% 5~20 5~20 10~30 15~40 15~40 15~40
Ore throughput(t/h) 0.004-0.02 0.01-0.02 0.5~0.7 2.0~2.5 3.0~3.5 4.0~4.5
Water consumption (m3/h) 0.3~0.5 0.3~0.5 2.0-4.0 5.0~7.0 13.0~15.0 18.0~20.0
Main weight(t) 0.3 0.45 1.5 4 8 21
Dimensions(L*W*H) /mm 860×770×1850 750×860×1990 1800×1400×2400 2900×1900×3500 3700×2300×4200 5500×3100×5100
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