Dahongshan Iron Concentrator Project of Kunming Iron & Steel Co., Ltd
Nov, 10. 2020|1793 View

Project Name:Dahongshan Iron Concentrator Project of Kunming Iron & Steel Co., Ltd

Location: Yunnan,China
Mineral:Iron ores
Main Equipment:SLon WHIMS+SLon Centrifugal Separator

Processing Technology:Screening+magnetic separation+gravity separation

    Dahongshan Iron Concentrator is the main raw materials base of iron ores of Kunming Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. It is rich in mineral resources and one of the large-scale iron mines integrating mining, selecting and pipeline transportation. Its mineral materials are a mixture of magnetite and hematite, which are mainly constituent of magnetite, hematite, quartz, plagioclase, white mica and so on. The ores are dominated by massive structure. The grain size of magnetite is coarse, with + 0.1mm particles accounting for 50%, and the grain size of hematite is fine, whose percentage of -0.05mm particles exceed 60%.

    Dahongshan Iron Concentrator used to adapt four-stage technological process made up of grinding, weak magnetism, strong magnetic separation and reverse flotation. In view of the traits of raw ores, the result of reverse flotation was not satisfactory. Therefore, they replaced reverse flotation with shaking tables a few years ago. However, the shaker has the disadvantages of small handling capacity and low recovery rate of iron concentrates. In 2010, they conducted cooperation with SLon. We learned from problems that arise and determined an optimum combination scheme. After several experiments, it turned out well. So they purchased 72 SLon-2400 Centrifugeal Separators and put the scheme of magnetic and gravity combined(Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator + Centrifugal Separator) into practice. The detailed flow chart  is shown in the figure. The project has been running successfully for nearly 10 years since 2010. In the case of raw ores with 35.61% grade, the grade of iron concentrate in the whole process has been increased from 62-63% to 64-65% and the recovery rate went as high as 72.68%.

    Not only is the technical process applied to Dahongshan Iron Concentrator, but also serves as a kind of role model for other mining plants. The innovation also opens our mind to the new ideas of comprehensive utilization of iron minerals.


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