Anshan Iron and Steel Group’s Project in Diaojuntai
Oct, 29. 2020|1620 View

Project Name:Anshan Iron and Steel Group’s Project in Diaojuntai

Main Equipment:SLon WHIMS

Processing Technology:Stage Grinding+gravity separation+magnetic separation+reverse flotation

    Diaojuntai concentrator is a large modern plant newly built by Maanshan Iron and Steel Co. in the 1990s, whose designed capacity of hematite is 9 million tons per year. Its raw materials are mainly constituent of magnetite and hematite, and the iron minerals present uneven thickness, which increases the difficulty of beneficiation.

    In the past, it used to adapt the combined process of stage grinding+magnetic separation with different intensity+reverse flotation. Among these, strong magnetic separation as the pre-treatment plays an important role in the tailing discarding, whose amount accounts for 62% in the whole process. However, it used horizontal ring high intensity magnetic separators. The feeding materials were easy to block their racks, leading to a high failure rate, which greatly influenced the efficiency of operations.

    To solve these problems, Diaojuntai concentrator cooperated with SLon. We interchanged technologies with each other and determined a preliminary scheme. From 2002 to 2007, after lots of practical test, we made sure that the processing technology of stage grinding +gravity separation+magnetic separation+reverse flotation is the best. Therefore, we replaced horizontal ring high intensity magnetic separators with 30 SLon Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separators(WHIMS). Half of them(1.0T) were engaged in the tailing discharge of fine-particle minerals, and the rest(0.4T) cast coarse ores, which largely increased processing capacity and accuracy. Besides, SLon WHIMS overcame the disadvantages of horizontal ring high intensity magnetic separators. It had the advantages of a wide separation range, a low failure rate and and a long lifespan. The detailed process is as follows. After the whole process, the grade of iron concentrates are increased from 29.5% to 67.5%. The tailings only have a 10.5% content of Fe. The recovery rate of Fe reaches up to 76.27%. Faced with these difficulties, SLon played an excellent match.

At present, Diaojuntai concentrator achieved the goal of 14.4 million tons output annually. Our machines have still been in a good condition. It’s SLon that is devoted to helping customers solve their problems. Customers’ requirements are our pursuit. Whatever you want, there’re always something suited.



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