Jiangxi Kaolin Purification Project
Nov, 11. 2020|1363 View

Project Name:Jiangxi Kaolin Purification Project
Location:Jiangxi, China

Capacity:10 t/h

Main Equipment: SLon HEMF

Processing Technology:Magnetic separation


    It’s well-known that kaolin is one of the most important materials for ceramic production. Whiteness and purity of Kaolin are strictly requested in ceramics of high quality. Mags are a key factor in these. Generally speaking, the less mags kaolin contains, the higher quality it is.

    Somewhere in Jiangxi province is rich in kaolin rocks. However, there is a big difference in characters from ordinary kaolin ores. They contain much magnetic materials, which appear dark yellow and grey. Besides, their fitness is about 400 mesh causing poor dispersion. All of these challenge our equipment.

    In view of the above problems, we convened several meetings of researchers. After long and heated discussions, we formulated a scheme. It’s a coarse-to-fine technique. Slightly different from that in the past, we replace SLon Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator(WHIMS) with SLon High Extraction Magnetic Filter(HEMF). The new SLon HEMF combines steel wool and fine-mesh sieves as its matrix pile, and the height of sorting is three times as high as that before. In this way, it takes more time for feeding materials to pass through the magnetic medium, so that the medium is more likely to attract fine or micro-fine metallic minerals. In practical use, the granularity and speed of feeding should be strictly supervised. And it should be note that we put feeding materials from top to bottom. Only if the process works well.


    The plant adapted our machines early in 2016. Under the premise of raw materials whose iron content is 0.73% and whiteness is 79%, we add two SLon HEMFS to the dressing procedure. The one (1.3T) is to remove magnetic stronger minerals. Weak magnetic minerals are separated from the remaining mix by the other one. Finally, the kaolin concentrate ore contains lower iron content(0.21%), and its whiteness is increased to 94.1%, which are well above the ordinary standard of materials made up of high-quality ceramics. The whole technological process reaches a yield of 80.56%.   

    The successful application of SLon HEMF is a classical case, which creates a precedent of fine and micro-fine mineral beneficiation. It plays an important role in providing reference to other similar enterprises.


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