Qixiashan Manganese Mineral Recovery Project in Nanjing City
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Project Name:Qixiashan Manganese Mineral Recovery Project in Nanjing City

Location: Jiangshu,China
Mineral:Manganese ores
Main Equipment:SLon WHIMS+ SLon Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

Processing Technology:Screening+magnetic separation

    China has a large reserves of manganese ores, but the grade is low, with an average grade of only 21%. Besides, they are often in the form of associated minerals. The available manganese ore resources only account for about 40% of proven reserves.Their high impurities and poor processing performance of mined ores also pose a challenge on the beneficiation.

    There is a lead-zinc ore concentrator in Nanjing. It’s the largest non-ferrous metal plant mainly engaged in lead-zinc mining and dressing at the local, whose annual capacity of lead-zinc concentrates reaches to 350,000 tons. The amount of tailings is 150,000 tons per year, which contains 12% manganese metals adding up to 18,000 tons. In the past, they used to directly discharge into the tailing pond, causing both a huge waste of useful metals and serious environmental problems.

    If the grade of manganese concentrates is more than 22%, it can be used as the raw materials to produce manganese sulfate. Therefore, in order to make full use of manganese resources, Maanshan Mine Research Institute took the lead and introduced SLon-1500 Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator(WHIMS) and SLon Wet Drum Magnetic Separator into the technical process for the recovery of tailings in 2005. The project put into operation successfully in November of that year. The detailed scheme is shown below. From the chart, we know that in the case of raw materials with 12.57% Mn, the grade(25.2%), the yield(27.5%) and the recovery rate (55.13%) of manganese concentrates all achieve the desired effect, which creates hugh economic benefits. The environment around is getting better and better.

    At present, SLon WHIMS has been applied to a lot of manganese ore plants, which are of the good economical benefit. With the time goes on, we believe that SLon WHIMS will make greater contribution to the utilization of manganese resources in the future.






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