Silica Sand Purification Project of Jianji Mining co., Ltd.
Oct, 29. 2020|1833 View

Project Name:Silica Sand Purification Project of Jianji Mining co., Ltd.

Location: Jiangxi,China
Mineral:Silica sand
Main Equipment:SLon WHIMS+SLon Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

Processing Technology:Magnetic separation

    Jianji Mining co., Ltd. is a large mining group integrating fine and deep processing of silica sand, whose capacity is the largest in China with an annual output of over 1.7 million tons of silicon powder. The silica sand is used to make high-end glass, so there is a high requirement for its purity that the content of Fe2O3 is below 90ppm.


    In order to achieve this effect, after lots of tests and technical exchange, we designed a set of process scheme of grinding and coarse-to-fine magnetic separation. The raw ores contain 0.06% Fe2O3(600ppm). Before passing onto the SLon Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separators(WHIMS), SLon Wet Drum Magnetic Separator and SLon Medium Intensity Magnetic Separator produce a separation by exploiting the difference in magnetism between various materials, which greatly eases the burden of concentrating. And then the three sets of SLon WHIMS separate ferrous metals from the remaining mix in turn. In practice, the final content of Fe2O3 is below 80ppm (0.008%), far beyond the industrial standard. The whole process received unanimous praise from customers. In the meantime, its operation is very simple, and belongs to the pure physical processing method, without any harmful chemicals. Besides, different levels of quartz sand are obtained in the process, so that the resources have been fully utilized.


    This is the first SLon WHIMS(1.8T) applied in the production of highly purified quartz sand, which serves as a model in the mining industry. The successful application of this beneficiation process has some guidance and reference significance for the actual industrial iron removal and purification of quartz sand.


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