100t/h Dangping Tungsten Project in Jiangxi Province
Nov, 10. 2020|1362 View

Project Name:100t/h Dangping Tungsten Project in Jiangxi Province




Main Equipment:SLon X-ray Sorting

Processing Technology:Intelligent separation

    Nowadays, with high quality ore deposits easy decreasing, the difficulty of mining is increasing. At the same time, ore dilution is aggravated, causing a high cost of grinding and beneficiation. Against this background, preprocessing mineral ores can remarkably improve the efficiency of resource consumption and the grade of raw materials to be ground, which not only reduces the burden of mineral separation, but also maximizing the economic benefits of enterprises.

    In view of these, SLon has developed intelligent X-ray Sorting, applicable to the pre-treatment and tail-casting process of tungsten, antimony, tin ore, lead-zinc, copper, feldspar, quartz and so on. Compared to manual separation, it has unique advantages. Firstly, its artificial intelligence identification system has higher accuracy and more handling capacity. Secondly, the automatic control technology realizes one-button start, which absolutely frees our hands. Thirdly, according to the demand for yield, its modules can be combined flexibly. Finally, the core components all adopt the international first-class brand, which ensures its stability and reliability.  

    There is a concentrator plant of wolframite in Jiangxi province. Before 2020, it sorted the raw materials by manual separation. Under the condition of particle size for 5-30 mm, the recovery rate of WO3 was 89%, and the grade of tailings was 0.023%. However, it took such a high labor cost. To cut down expenses, the plant purchased our SLon X-ray Sortings to replace manual separation. After two-month exploration and experimental research, with the granularity of 12-40mm, the recovery rate of WO3 reaches up to 89%, and the grade of tailings was only 0.015%.

    With the time goes on, informatization and intelligentialize have been the trend of our society. The mining industry is not an exception. SLon always believes that science and technology will create the future. SLon X-ray Sorting speaks for it.



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