V-Ti Magnetite Tailing Recovery Project of PanZhiHua Iron & Steel Group Mining Co.
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Project Name:V-Ti Magnetite Tailing Recovery Project of PanZhiHua Iron & Steel Group Mining Co.

Location: Sichuan,China
Mineral:V-Ti magnetite
Main Equipment:S

Processing Technology:Magnetic separation+flotation

    There is a V-Ti magnetite concentrator plant, affiliated with PanZhiHua Iron & Steel Group Mining Co., used to adapt disk type magnetic separator to collect iron concentrates and titanium concentrate, producing about 885 tons tailings per hour. The tailings were directly discharged to the tailing pond, which contained 8% TiO2 and 20% TFe, causing a huge waste of useful metals.    

    In order to make full use of resources, SLon determined the process of magnetic separation and flotation after several simulated experiments. The dressing plant took the advice and purchased SLon-1500 Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separators(WHIMS) for ilmenite recycling in 2002. The application of it significantly increased the recovery rate of 20%. Its flow chart is shown in the Figure 1.


    However, the processing capacity of SLon-1500 WHIMS is limited and the combined use of multiple sets leads to high cost. For this reason, the first SLon-4000 WHIMS appeared and took the place of SLon-1500 WHIMS for rough sorting, and was applied for the practical industrial test. Under the premise of feeding materials with the 6.89% TiO2, the content of TiO2 of ilmenite concentrates is 13.27%. Its recovery rate of ilmenite stabilizes at 59.88%. And the final tailing content of TiO2 grade is reduced to 3.48%. The whole process is shown in Figure 2.

    SLon-4000 WHIMS has been in operation for 9 years until now. Meanwhile, the equipment is in normal operation, and all indexes are within the normal range. This is not the first time SLon WHIMS came into use in the field of resources reuse. The reason why we constantly innovate technical process is that mineral resources are non-regenerative assets. They are limited, and yet there is a growing demand. Maximum utilization of mineral resources is impending. All these show that SLon is a responsible enterprise.



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