Oct, 16. 2020|710 View

    In Meixian county, Shaanxi province, SLon magnetic separator was successfully applied to the iron removal process of andalusite. When the ore containing iron trioxide is 4.32%, a 0.49% andalusite concentrate containing iron trioxide can be obtained by SLon magnetic separator with one coarse and one fine, with an iron removal rate of 93.1%.

    After flotation, the crude concentrate of red column stone ore from Longnan lead-zinc mine in Gansu province contains about 65% -200 meses and about 4% ferric oxide.A SLON-1000 vertical ring pulsating high-gradient magnetic separator was used to produce andalusite concentrate in this mine, and good separation indexes including fine mineral ratio 56.2% ~ 86.6% and iron trioxide 0.45% ~ 0.64% were obtained.

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