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    Kyanite is one kind of aluminosilicate minerals, whose finished product is an important refractory material widely used in industrial production. The iron content is a key factor to its performance. The more iron Kyanite concentrates contain, the lower refractoriness it is.

    In modern society, the demand for kyanite concentrates is increasing. However with the dilution of ore resources and the higher requirement for concentrate grade, the beneficiation of kyanite becomes more and more difficult. Conventional magnetic separators have already had no effect on it.

    Based on these, SLon has focused on the characteristics of Kyanite, and made several technical transformation on its machines. Through unremitting effort, we has successfully overcame the difficulties of processing technology, which fits better into fine particles and weak magnetism. SLon WHIMS turns to be effective in the purification of Kyanite. Until now, there are about 100 SLon WHIMS applied in the Kyanite concentrators all over the world.

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