Oct, 16. 2020|681 View

    Nepheline is a kind of common aluminosilicate mineral resources, constituent of Al, Si, Na and K, which is mainly used as raw materials for glass ceramics. In China, it is widely distributed in Liaoning, Hebei, Shanxi, Hubei and Yunnan, especially Sichuan province.

    As we all know, granularity and weak mags can directly reduce the performance of nepheline finished products. However, these problems widely exist in nepheline ores, challenging conventional magnetic equipment and processing technology.

    Faced with these, SLon sticks to explore the new method instead of turning round. After continuous trials, we finally get the answer. At present, SLon’s magnetic separators are applied in the purification of nepheline minerals nationwide, all of which have run stably and obtained good results. It’s also another magnificent move for SLon in the way of non-metallic purification.  

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