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    SLon vertical ring pulsating high-gradient magnetic separator can be used for pre-tossing, purification and enrichment of weakly magnetic rare earth minerals. SLon strong magnetic function can effectively improve the quality of rare earth concentrate, and at the same time, it has a good recovery effect on fine rare earth minerals with high recovery rate.

    A rare earth ore in Sichuan province is mainly fluorocarbon-cerium ore. The ore is seriously weathered and contains high mud, and the rare earth monomer of fine grain grade is poorly dissociated. At the same time, the ganglite with similar density and floatability as the fluorocarbon-cerium ore has high content, so it is difficult to recover rare earth.The process of “SLon intensive magnetic separation – flotation -SLon intensive magnetic selection” was adopted to treat the mine. When the rare earth grade of the raw ore was 2.4%, the rare earth concentrate grade was 66.79%, and the recovery rate of rare earth operation was 72.96%.SLon strong magnetic coarse separation can effectively remove the slime, improve the rare earth flotation to ore grade, and obtain high quality rare earth concentrate.

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