Oct, 16. 2020|704 View

     China has the richest mineral resources of tantalum-niobium and other rare metals in the world. They are mainly distributed in Jiangxi and Inner Mongolia, among which the tantalum-niobium ores are the most representative, the largest tantalum-niobium deposit over the world in Yichun, Jiangxi province.

     The mining and beneficiation of tantalum-niobium have always been huge problem to be overcame. At present, the scales of most tantalum-niobium deposits are small. The materials are fine-grained and dispersed. Besides, they are often in the form of associated minerals with low grade. And its great buried depth also increases the difficulty of mining.

    However, after lots of practical tests, SLon WHIMS achieve good results depending on the advantages of wide separation range and high separation efficiency. So far, more than 40 SLon WHIMS have been applied in the beneficiation of tantalum-niobium all over the world, and all of them obtain good dressing index, which provides meaningful reference and guidance to the similar plants.

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