55 TPH Columbite Iron Removing Processing Project in Brazil
Dec, 29. 2021|728 View

Project Name:55 TPH Columbite Iron Removing Processing Project in Brazil

Capacity:55 TPH

Main Equipment:SLon WHIMS

Processing Technology:Magnetic separation

Niobium, as one of the rare metals, is widely used in steel, aerospace, superconducting materials, cutting-edge electronics, medical, nuclear industry and other important fields because of its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good superconductivity. It has become an indispensable key strategic metal in modern industry. At present, niobium mainly comes from columbite, pyroclase and other minerals.  The world’s available niobium resources are estimated at 4.3 million tons (in metal terms), 95% of which are concentrated in Brazil, with the rest distributed in Canada, Australia, Russia, South Africa, the United States and so on.

Recently, our engineer Harvey Huang has successfully completed the project in Brazil, which has won high praises from the customers. In this project, the Nb2O5 grade of raw ores is about 1.08%, which belongs to high-grade niobium ore. Our Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator (WHIMS) carry out the task of the two-stage iron removal. First, the raw ores go through the treatment of floating phosphorus and desliming. Its tailings (Nb2O5:1.87%) pass through the WHIMS to reduce the iron content and obtain the non-mags (Nb2O5:2.6%) for further processing. And then, the non-mags travels over niobium floating. The concentrates (Nb2O5:2.6%) enters the second stage of SLon WHIMS for the purification. Finally, the grade of final niobium concentrates can achieve 55.24%.

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